1. One Way to Lindell (Detroit, MI)

    The formerly abandoned AC LIndell is now a transit station

  2. Schallexperimentieren mit rhythmischen Tönen

    Das Korg Fräulein 20 Laufen durch einen 16 Kanal Soundcraft Geist-Folio-Mischer. Im Studio (um 2004) als Programmsignal vor Gehen nach Detroit.

    Sonic experimentation with rhythmic tones

    The Korg MS-20 running through a 16 channel Soundcraft Spirit Folio mixer. In the studio (circa 2004) as Program Signal before going to Detroit.

    A43-A archive

  3. Reverse glitch

  4. Somewhere in Toronto 3

    University of Toronto Commons

    A64 archive

  5. Somewhere in Toronto 2

    Silos of the Portlands

    A28 archive

  6. Somewhere in Toronto 1

    Downtown Toronto’s has changed dramatically in the last fifteen years. Sam the Record Man is no more, and a campus building for Ryerson University now stands in it’s place.

    A27-1, A45-2 archives

  7. Ravine shopping as the wheels come off

    From strange visual stories

  8. Shadow presence

    Simile (in the same way)

  9. Transmission II

    Adagio (slowly), somewhere between andante and largo

  10. Transmission III

    Calando (getting slower, dying away or slowing down)