1. Some explorers prefer well established paths, and some of us not willing to wait that long.

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  2. Abandoned R L Hearn Power Plant (Toronto, ON)

    The only way to go is up


  3. Silentbuildings I - Somewhere in Detroit 2005-2009

    1. Hello followers.
    2. My photo archive of abandoned places got me thinking.
    3. Should I make a book?
  4. Abandoned MCS (Detroit, MI)

     They missed the last train…

  5. Packard Plant 2007 (Detroit, MI)

    The work shops are closed

  6. Music can take you somewhere else…

    Check it out this band Elliot BROOD

  7. Abandoned R L Hearn power plant (Toronto, ON)

    All terminals were closed

  8. Packard Plant 2007 (Detroit, MI)

    As far as the eye can see

  9. Packard Plant 2007 (Detroit, MI)

    Standing on factories

  10. Sky and horizon III